Here is an excerpt from the Carlington Community Association Minutes of August 10, 1998.

Karin Howard Report

Patricia Bell, a representative for Karin Howard's office, gave her report. In regard to early construction at Ashcroft on weekends -- Mayor Jim Watson gave permission for the construction company sub contractors to work early one week ending August 11th for light work or surveyor work but not heavy construction on weekends. Robin commented that anything regarding Ashcroft or CCA should be sent to CCA from Karin's office. In other words CCA should be informed of any changes regarding our members. Robin also said the noise by-lay is working in Ashcroft. He also asked about the sub-standard roads be was informed that the roads must be brought up to par before the city can do anything. Also all the members felt the construction company at Ashcroft shouldn't get special treatment. Robin proposed to send a letter to Karin's office concerning this. All were in favour.

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