Here is an excerpt from the Carlington Community Association Minutes of October 13, 1998.

Central Park

Wendy, Karin and Frances attended a meeting of about 35 Central Park residents on Oct. 8, organized by Katie Cleghorn. Wendy gave them information about regional and city responsibilities and storm water management. Karin explained the approvals process. Roger Hunter, a planner with the Region, also briefed residents. As an update, Wendy told the Association that neither the City nor the Region have received all the elements they need from Ashcroft for a concept plan. Any future decisions about development of the lands must be made a Regional or City Councils; both councillors have removed the approvals authority that is normally delegated to staff. There can be no public input until there is a formal, complete submission for the public to comment on.

Karin pointed out that there are no real deadlines for the developer to get information in to the City. She wonders if he is stalling until she is out of the picture, and volunteered to postpone resigning until February or March if she is needed on this issue.

Mark has faxed a question to Planning Commissioner Ted Robinson, whether he is in favour of exits only onto Merivale Road. Mr. Robinson is not about to reply in writing, said Karin, but she was told informally that staff would probably not have a problem with the traffic levels as forecast if Merivale had the only exits.

Wendy pointed out that Regional staff still maintain that an exit at Clyde and Maitland is required, as shown under the previous plan of subdivision. "Sharing the pain" of traffic between Copeland Park and Carlington is still an important issue. The Cummings Cockburn traffic study which she has seen does not, in her opinion, justify the traffic going only to Merivale. The Region is waiting for a revised traffic study which may change the justification.

Bruce urged Karin to use all the influence she may have to other councillors to shape the development appropriately. Jerry asked how decisions on this will proceed. The steps are 1) City Planning Committee, 2) City Council, 3) Regional Planning Committee, 4) Regional Council. If the Region approves a plan with no third access to Clyde and Maitland, it has to go to the Ontario Municipal Board because on the Board can change its earlier decision.

We need to lobby City Planning Committee: the councillors are Elisabeth Arnold, Shawn Little, Allan Higdon, Stephane Emard-Chabot, Ron Kolbus. As soon as there is a draft concept plan lodged with the City, we need to analyse it, come up with a position and make it known. Wendy pointed out that she and Karin will be seeking input from Central Park residents and the Carlington public at large.

Moved Frances, seconded Bruce, passed unanimously:
"The CCA will lobby for three exits from Central Park including the intersection at Clyde and Merivale."

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