Here is are several excerpt from the Carlington Community Association Minutes of November 9, 1998.

Mark read his statement as President of the CCA, and reported the following:

Wendy Stewart report - refer to handout. Also noted that Ashcroft recently approached the Regional Chair Bob Chiarelli, on having the restrictions lifted on their development.

In regards to the CCA's meeting with City Commissioner Ted Robinson, Matthew Darwin volunteered to attend the meeting with Mark. Robin also noted that he may attend as an interested observer.

It was suggested that a motion be put forward that the CCA adopt the position that an entirely new traffic study should be conducted before any further building approvals are issued.

Robin reported that Central Park residents will be forming their own association. It was felt that the CCA should meet with their executive once they are elected.

Mark reported that David Choo would like to arrange a meeting with the CCA executive to open a dialogue with the community. Mark suggested that we have both a city and regional staff person present to ensure the information exchanged is accurate. Everyone was in favour of a meeting and suggested Mark set up for 7:00pm on one of the next three Wednesdays. Since they are not yet formally an association, the Central Park Association executive will not be invited to this meeting. It was recommended that only the CCA executive should attend.

Matthew Darwin was asked to fill any vacant director position that may be left open if Vivian Tytor were to resign. He said that he would accept if appointed.

Mark presented the Ashcroft site control plan for the store / loft commercial area fronting Merivale Road. Ashcroft had asked that this concept be fast tracked since the construction season was soon going to end. At the request of Karin Howard, she had asked the CCA give her direction on whether it should be presented at planning committee on Nov. 10th instead of the scheduled date of Nov. 24th. Many members had questions relating to proper notification to the adjacent residences, for which Karin Howard was not present to answer. After much discussion, the following motion was presented:

Motion put forward by Frances, seconded by Robin: The site control plan for the Ashcroft commercial store / loft areas fronting Merivale Rd. should not go to planning committee earlier than scheduled, as there is no evidence of sufficient public notification 10 yes, 0 no, 1 abstained -- motion passed.

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