Here is a copy of a letter sent from the Carlington Community Association to Edward Robinson (, December 28, 1999.

Hi Ted,

Since our meeting with you on November 10th, the Carlington Community Association met on December 14th to discuss the terms of reference for the Central Park traffic study. Since many important planning decisions regarding the development will be based upon this study, the community and the CCA are responding to your invitation, and would like to submit the following points to be included in the traffic study:

Intersections and traffic patterns that should be considered for the study

There are three (3) scenarios which should be included in the traffic impact study:

  1. Scenario with the existing traffic link between RMOC and Assaly lands, including intersection with traffic light at Maitland.
  2. Scenario with an unrestricted roadway path between Clyde and Merivale, who's internal road network discourages cut through traffic, including intersection with traffic light at Maitland.
  3. Scenario with only the Merivale Road / Central Park Drive access points.

In every respect, the maximum number of generated trips should be considered from the different planning scenarios that are currently registered and proposed. In the current subdivision scenario, this would mean maximum trips generated by, but not restricted to the following zoned areas:

Other areas of concern

In closing, I would like everyone to consider the article written in the November 1998 issue of Reader's Digest entitled, "Canada's Worst Drivers". In the article, it features Ottawa's Baseline and Merivale intersection as, "the intersection from hell". This area is also penned as, "the fishing hole" by local police radar patrols, who find it to be one of their most productive speed traps. Throughout our discussions on traffic impact, not much attention has been given to the dangers inherent in this intersection. Although in many respects, Baseline / Merivale can be compared to a normal 4 lane traffic intersection, similar traffic numbers will impact it more severely because of its directional design. Our major concern is that the intersection is graded and compared accordingly by the traffic specialists.

Should you require any clarification regarding the items listed above, please do not hesitate to air your concerns with an e-mail reply.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Mark A. Lavinskas
President - Carlington Community Association

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