Here is a copy of a letter sent from the Carlington Community Association to Don Brousseau, March 1, 1999.

City of Ottawa
Planning Branch
111 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5A1

Attn: Mr. Don Brousseau Fax #: (613) 244-5601
Re: File #JPD4850/01230 - Signs By-Law Amendment - 1230 Merivale Road

Dear sir,

In regards to the above mentioned application, the Carlington Community Association (CCA) wishes to state the following:

The amount of time given to respond to this application (10 days from mailing - Feb 18th) is most certainly inadequate. The CCA received this notification on Thursday February 25th, which gives us very little time to formulate an informed opinion on this matter. This is neither fair to the community and the citizens we represent, nor is it fair to the developer who would like to get on with this work. Groups like ourselves usually cannot mobilize quickly enough, since we are made up entirely of volunteers. However, we did manage to project a few comments towards this application nonetheless.

Our group is concerned with the aesthetic impact on the neighbouring experimental farm property. It has always been our objective to have the commercial aspect of this development be low key and not disturb the ambience of the farm. Furthermore, its appearance should not represent an extension of the Merivale commercial strip in Nepean.

Since we do not have any concept drawing of the proposed wall signs, we can only assume that the signs in question will look similar to those that are currently found at the commercial plazas along Merivale Road in Nepean. It is our understanding that the city of Nepean would like to initiate some changes to that very look, which they consider to be an eyesore. Since this may be the case, we are opposed to any amendment unless there is a plan or concept drawing which will be strictly adhered to. At the very least, there should be an attempt to have continuity in all of the proposed illuminated wall signs.

Because of the inadequate time to review this application, it was not possible for all members to view the concept drawing of the ground sign. However, I personally have looked at the drawing and can only comment from my own point of view. The ground sign, although rather large at 14.5 feet tall by 12 feet wide, appears to be very well designed and will project its lighting in a north / south direction, which is in keeping with our objectives.

There are members in our group who expressed concern with having to relax this very same by-law for other commercial properties in the neighbourhood. It will set a precedent for others who may apply for a similar amendment, thus rendering the by-law meaningless.


Mark A. Lavinskas

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